Cafe Del Mare – Bantayan Island

Cafe Del Mare

Café Del Mare is just a short walk away from MJ Square in Bantayan Island, Cebu and serves authentic Italian cuisine. Comfortable bamboo chairs, nipa huts, white sand, coconut trees, and hanging seashells give the restaurant a tropical laid back vibe.

The owners are also an Italian and Pinay couple. They had been very gracious to us and we learned a lot about Bantayan from them. Since we love pizza, we first ordered a Margherita. After the Margherita , they recommended us to try the Prosciutto Rucola which we did. It was amazing! We were hooked! We ordered the same pizza the following day. The arugula leaves were fresh, crunchy and bigger than the ones we would usually buy in Manila. The owners grow them in their own garden. What is also impressive is they cook their pizzas in a wood fired stone oven. Up to now, we still miss the Prosciutto Rucola and we have not found any yet in Manila that

Pizzas here starts from 350 Php good for 2 persons.

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