Lomi in Batangas

Lomi in Batangas

     Lomi is a famous dish in Batangas. It is a thick soup with thick egg noodles topped with a variety of ingredients and sold in most of the eateries and restaurants around this province. It is a favorite dish of Batanguenos especially during rainy season. We got hooked with Batangas Lomi after trying Kina Imus Lomi Haus in San Luis, Batangas. After a weekend well spent in Bus Stop Dive Resort, we dropped by this unassuming eatery, which looks like a house packed with people. There was a long line of customers when we arrived around seven in the evening. We decided to order the Combo lomi which costs 65 Php only. Combo Lomi is a combination of toppings – chicharon, egg, pork liver, kikiam chips, pork dumplings, fried spring rolls, and sisig. This is our first time to encounter a lomi with this much toppings. We were not quite sure how it would taste with all of these combined but our palates were adventurous enough to try it out.

     We waited a bit for our order since there were a lot of customers but the wait was worth it. Our lomi was hot and overflowing with ingredients. The presentation was overwhelming but when we tasted it, our doubts vanished. Aside from the generous serving, their lomi is very delicious. We emptied our bowls and were fully satisfied. It is standard that soy sauce, kalamansi and fresh red chili are served as condiments for the lomi. If you want something chili, you can pour the combined soy sauce, lemon juice and fresh red chili to your lomi soup.  Also, they have different lomi flavors to choose from at affordable prices:

Overload Lomi  (chicharon, egg, pork liver and kikiam chips) – Php 50

Sisig Lomi (chicharon, egg, pork liver and sisig) – Php 65

Extreme Lomi (chicharon, egg, pork liver, prawn crackers, bisuto, pork dumplings, friend spring rolls and sisig) – Php 75

Kina Imus Lomi Haus

Poblacion, San Luis, Batangas

Contact No: 0918 666 4290

Kina Imus Lomi Haus’ Combo Lomi – 65 Php

Our experience in Kina Imus Lomi Haus has converted us to lomi fanatics. Since then, whenever we are in Batangas, we would make it a point to find and eat lomi. Here are some of the places we have tried in Batangas City known for lomi:

Mr. Topsi Lomi and Bulalo House

Alangilan, Batangas City

Tel No: (043) 723 4689

     This is a 24/7 joint located along the main road of Alangilan, Batangas. This restaurant has nipa huts for groups aside from the main dining area . We tried their Sisig Lomi and Special Lomi. For us, we liked their Special Lomi more. They also have other lomi variants like the Super Lomi, Liempo Lomi, Beef Lomi and Chicken Lomi. Price ranges from 45 Php to 75 Php depending on serving size. They also offer other Filipino dishes aside from lomi.

Mr. Topsi Special Lomi – 55 Php (Junior Size)
Mr. Topsi Sisig Lomi – 60 Php (Junior Size)

Mjca’s Bistro

Alangilan, Batangas City

Tel No: (043) 702 3215

     Although known for their Vietnamese noodles, we still decided to try out their lomi. They have only one variant. You just need to choose between order sizes – Special (40 Php), Jumbo (60 Php)and Super (75 Php). Their prices are also affordable. The toppings are egg, meatballs, and pork liver. We were provided a separate generous serving of chicharon. Their toppings are lesser but we like the crunchiness of their chicharon and the thicker consistency of their soup.

Mjca’s Bistro Lomi Special – 40 Php

Irene’s Bulalo sa Kubo

Alangilan, Batangas City

Tel No: (043) 783 0561

     This Filipino style restaurant is also open 24/7. We like how their staff are very quick in attending to customers. Like Mjca’s, their lomi has only one variant. You just need to choose what serving size you’ll order. Price ranges are: Super (80Php), Jumbo (65Php), Special (45Php) and Regular (32Php). They have spacious seating capacity and you can choose to eat alfresco in tables with umbrella in the garden area outside.

Irene’s Bulalo sa Kubo’s Lomi Special – 45 Php

Can you recommend us where to find the best Batangas Lomi? Write us in the comment section. We would love to get suggestions from you guys!

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