Hidden Paradise Resort in Puerto Galera

Hidden Paradise Resort in Puerto Galera

Coco Beach Island Resort

Coco Beach is a hidden island resort just a few hours away from Manila. This paradise is located in Behiya, Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental. It is a 10 hectare beach front resort surrounded by lush palm trees and tropical forests. 

How To Get There

From Manila, take a bus bound to Batangas Pier/Batangas Port. Travel time is about two hours. Fare starts at about 167 pesos depending on your point of origin. Once in Batangas Port, look for Terminal 3 to pay for the boat ticket bound to Muelle Port. Fare is about 240 pesos, terminal fee is 30 pesos. Boat ride from Batangas port to Muelle port is about an hour. At Muelle port, you will need to pay an environmental fee of 50 pesos. The resort sent a boat to fetch us in Muelle port. Our boatman beamed with his warm smile as he held a placard of our name. The boat ride was only about 15 minutes going to Coco Beach. 

Warm Welcome

When we arrived, we were immediately assisted by one of the staff with our luggage and accompanied us in the front desk. Welcome drinks made from fresh fruit juice were immediately served. The wonderful ladies at the front desk greeted us a warm welcome and gave us necklaces made of seashells as a welcome token. After filling out forms, we were given our room key- a small "anito" wood sculpture. It is one of the coolest looking room keys we have seen yet.

Hilltop Cottage

After finishing our welcome drinks, we were taken to our Hilltop Cottage. The path going to our room is lined with tropical plants with beautiful flowers and lots of palm trees everywhere. We can hear lots of birds chirping and butterflies drift  around us everywhere. Our spacious cottage made from wood, bamboo, and nipa is located on top of a hill with an amazing view of the sea. It takes several steps to reach the top but it was all worth it. The interiors are also made from natural materials. Facing the blue sea,  we have  a balcony with comfortable bamboo chairs and another floor like an attic with a queensize mattress. Our room includes daily breakfast buffet, complimentary bottles of water, beach towels, Coco Creations toiletry set and an amazing service family that attends to our everyday needs. When we go back to our room after the sun falls down, our canopy bed curtains were already arranged for sleeping aside from the room being cleaned. 

Things To Do

Coco Divers

On our first day, we tried their Discover Scuba Diving Class. Coco Divers is just in the middle of the resort near the main pool. They have complete dive gears and the latest equipment. It is also spacious enough to hold classes. For the Discover Scuba Diving Class, our dive Instructor was Mr Rex Medina. After the class was a pool session where basic diving skills were taught and practiced. Once you get comfortable with the gears and equalizing in the pool, we then proceeded to put our gears in the resort’s boat. Amazing dive sites are just 5-10 minutes away from the resort by speedboat. We saw four hawks billed sea turtles, lots of tropical fishes and beautiful corals. We were also accompanied by Dive Master Rex Flores aside from Dive Instructor Rex Medina underwater. It was an amazing experience. This activity was definitely the highlight of our day. 


Coco Soap Making

On our second day, we tried Coco Soap Making. We went to the Tree of Life Workshop which is just near the tennis court of the resort. All the soaps and toiletries used in the rooms of the resort are made here by hand using virgin coconut oil which the staff hand press themselves. The coconuts were also harvested from the resort grounds. Kuya Jerry, Frankie and Jerome taught us how they make the soaps and we even helped in pouring the soap solution into the molds. Other products like lotion, insect repellant and shampoos offered in the resort are also made here. 

Cable Jeepney

Despite the rainy morning on our second day, we explored other amenities of the resort. We rode the cable jeepney,  a cable car designed like a jeep, that goes on top of the hill where the Silent Pool with jacuzzi and bar is located. The Silent Pool can be reached just a few meters from the cable jeepney stop. It is more private and secluded being surrounded by trees and tropical plants. As the name suggests, silent pool is an option for guests who prefer a more serene atmosphere.  

Other Activities

The resort's front desk provides a list of 101 activities you can do everyday for all ages. You will never be bored here. Even if it rains, Coco Beach does not disappoint. On land or under water, Coco Beach has different activities to offer.

Where To Eat

Tamaraw Restaurant

This alfresco restaurant has a great view of the sea and you can also get a glimpse of the main pool from the side. This is also where breakfast buffet is served. Ala carte meals for lunch and dinner are also available. During every other Saturday nights, the Clambake Party is also held here where live bands and special numbers by the Coco Beach staff keep the guests entertained. During Clambake party, different kinds of seafood are baked under the sand for hours. The cooks and waiters then take out the food from the sand just in time to be served during Clambake dinner at night. All the guests are invited to witness the food and beverage team unearth basket trays of seafood from the beach sand. Delicious smelling baked seafood are then paraded to Tamaraw Restaurant where guests are served. 

Dona Lina Restaurant

To cap off a beautiful day, we had dinner at Dona Lina Restaurant which is just a few steps away from our Hilltop Cottage. It has four floors and the roof is shaped like a round nipa hut. The top floor offers guests a 360 degree view of the resort. Food is cooked in the middle of the circular restaurant by the chef while guests can watch from their tables. We were lucky to have the restaurant to ourselves for dinner and our table was facing the sea. We were served a four course meal. For appetizer, we had seafood spring rolls. Then, we were served Greek Salad. Main course was beef steak and dessert was Turon (banana fritters) with ice cream and cherry. It just seemed a simple four course meal but everything was fresh and delicious. We were both impressed. We thanked our chef for a wonderful dinner. This is one of the best places to bring your loved one for a romantic dinner. 

To find out more about our wonderful stay at Coco Beach Island Resort, check out our videos below! 



Tropical Island Paradise in Puerto Galera

Where can you find this hidden island paradise resort in Puerto Galera?Watch in HD.Share and tag your travel buddies!Coco Beach Island Resortwww.cocobeach.comPhone: (+63) 2 521-5260 or (+63) 2 526-4594.Mobile: (+63) 917 862 5173Email: sales@cocobeach.com / reservation@cocobeach.comSong: Bay Breeze by FortyThr33 www.facebook.com/FortyThr33MusicMusic provided by Free Music for Vlogs youtu.be/POSGn6DhxK8Swimwear and Clothing by RK Clothing Shop

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Coco Beach Island Resort

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