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They say some difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. It took us more than 8 hours of travel from Manila by land and by sea to reach Tugawe Cove Resort. On the day of our trip, the weather was bad and there were strong rains during the early morning that flights to Naga were cancelled. Good thing the weather started to be better by the time we reached Naga and the sun came out when we arrived at the resort. Our exhaustion faded once we reached beautiful Tugawe Cove Resort. We were in awe of its rugged charm.  Tugawe Cove Resort was hailed by CNN as one of the most remote luxury resorts in the Philippines. It was also home to participants of the international TV Series, SURVIVOR, filming in the surrounding islands of Caramoan.

By Plane:

Tugawe Cove Resort is located in Barangay Colongcolong, Caramoan, near the tip of Camarines Sur peninsula. It can only be reached by boat. From the resort, you can view the island of Catanduanes. It is more near Catanduanes than Naga.

Book an early flight from Manila to Virac. Travel from Virac, Catanduanes Airport to Codon Port for 30-45 minutes. Board the Tugawe Cove Resort Boat at Codon Port. Travel time from Codon Port to Tugawe Cove Resort is about 30 minutes during good sea condition.

You can also take the Naga Flight. Travel time from Manila to Naga Airport is about an hour. Tugawe Cove Resort’s private van can fetch you at the airport and bring you to Talisay port. Travel time from Naga to Talisay port is about an hour. The resort’s private speed boat will pick you up from Talisay part and bring you to the resort. Boat travel is about an hour and half depending on sea condition.

By Bus:

Take a bus in Cubao bound for Naga. We took the airconditioned Raymund Bus with its own rest room inside. The seats are spacious and the ride was comfortable than we expected. The bus driver and conductor were also very accommodating. We had a fairly smooth ride since the roads are paved. Travel time is about 8 hours. If not for the heavy rains, our travel time by bus could have been shorter since we only made a few stops for food or coffee. Get off at Naga Bus Terminal. There are lots of eateries here where you can take your breakfast and lots of souvenir shops where you can buy food for snacks. The resort’s private van picked us up here. Travel time from Naga Bus Terminal to Talisay port is about an hour. We were then fetched by the resort’s speed boat at Talisay port. Travel time by boat to the resort was about an hour.

We arrived at the resort’s dock around 4PM and was warmly welcomed by the staff after getting off the speed boat. They greeted us with smiling faces then they bowed with the palm of their right hand on their chest. They explained to us that this is a gesture of welcome in Caramoan. Immediately, we felt at home. We got in the cart that took us from the dock to the reception area. We were mesmerized by the vastness of the resort and the lush green forest surrounding us. We got off the reception area and someone was already waiting there to serve our welcome drinks and snack, Maruya. Maruya is a type of banana fritter in the Philippines. It was our first time to try it and we loved it! We also love the alfresco design of the reception area. It has a spectacular view of the sea, the islands across and the lush green forest. You can hear the birds chirping and the sound of crickets. You will definitely feel close to nature!

We then proceeded to our cabana which is just nearby the reception area, the infinity pool and the restaurant. Since our cabana is located on top of a hill, we have a picturesque view of the resort. Aside from our balcony we also have a viewing deck on the roof of our cabana. All rooms are airconditioned, with hot and cold shower, complimentary bottled water, coffee, tea, safety deposit box , beach towels, and 32' LCD HDTV with satellite cable programming (21 channels). But who needs TV when you are in paradise? Our bathroom was well stocked with toiletries and also includes thick plush white bathrobes.  Our room was spacious and our bed was big and very comfortable that it was hard waking up Mirco the following morning.

They also have rooms in the lakeside and in the hillside. Some rooms can accommodate families or group of friends. They are all strategically situated for guests to have stunning views.

Though it rained and the skies were gray on the morning of our second day, we never ran out of activities to do in the resort.


We woke up early to snorkel. We had to go down a lot of steps going to the beach area. It was an interesting walk since we got to see a lot of flora and fauna of the resort. While walking, we were surprised by several young Philippine sailfin water dragons scurrying on the ground towards the lake which you will pass by going to one of the beach areas. The lake and the beach area are surrounded by some limestone rock formations which reminded us of El Nido. The beach has white sand and the water is clear. We found some corals and some fishes but no sight of our favorite turtles. However, according to Mr Erwin Millapre, the resort’s Activity Coordinator, they have sightings of turtles and whale sharks there in the past.


After snorkeling, we tried kayaking to search for turtles. But these gentle creatures eluded us that day. Nonetheless, we still had a great time kayaking. Infinity Pool Tugawe Cove’s infinity pool is an attraction itself. It’s strategic location gives guests breathtaking views of the ocean while you relax in the pool with the cool breeze of the wind, the sweet smell of narra flowers and cheerful humming of the birds.

Infinity Pool

Tugawe Cove’s infinity pool is an attraction itself. It’s strategic location gives guests breathtaking views of the ocean while you relax in the pool with the cool breeze of the wind, the sweet smell of narra flowers and cheerful humming of the birds.

View Deck

After lunch, we went to the View Deck together with Erwin where we flew the drone. The view deck is overlooking the beach and the lake. Erwin recommends to watch the morning sunrise from here too.


We took the cart with Erwin going to the Lighthouse. We still needed to walk uphill for a few meters before reaching it. The view here is even more stunning- you get a 360 degree view of the island and what’s across from it. We wanted to catch the sunset here but the clouds were starting to form again so we just flew the drone. Erwin also took some of our photos here. This place would also be great to have picnics.

Other Things To Do

The resort also has a game room beside the restaurant. You can play billiards, foosball and other board games here. They also offer bioluminescent plankton watching during new moon, massage, bird watching, fishing, bonfire by the beach and island hopping tours. You can never get bored here. Erwin also took us to another beach area of the resort and showed us the on-going construction for day cottages. They are also building another pool in the beach near the lake. There are so many things to explore here and new facilities to look forward to. Just walking around the island, you will see many interesting plants and animals.

Aside from its beauty, another secret of Tugawe Cove Resort's charm is its warm and wonderful staff.  We felt like being at home in this resort. The restaurant would even call your room to remind you of breakfast. Everyone smiles and greets you by your name. The beautiful people of Tugawe Cove Resort will go the extra effort to make sure your stay will be unforgettable!

Tugawe Cove Resort

Tugawe Cove Resort
Brgy. Colongcogong, Caramoan Peninsula,
Camarines Sur 4429,

Phone Numbers: +639189657885, +639175016711, +639176507845 (Sales & Marketing Office), 6325349548 (Manila Office), 548812540 / 544730076 (Naga Office)

Website: http://www.tugawecoveresort.com
Email: reservations@tugawecoveresort.com


Thank you, Tugawe Cove, for hosting our stay and making sure we had wonderful experiences!

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